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Residential Care Homes

Residential Care Homes provide care to those people who cannot manage on their own and need some form of assistance with daily living. They need to be registered with the appropriate authority. Most have communal lounges and dining rooms. Many Residential Care Homes now offer additional services to twenty-four hour care and attention such as independent living units within their grounds providing additional flexibility for their clients.

One such Care Home is The Malthouse in Dorset. Situated on the outskirts of Gillingham The Malthouse is a 17th Century building offering spacious bedrooms all with en-suite facilities and independent living in ‘Lodges‘ and ‘Apartments‘. Fully furnished accommodation is available in the Care Home and guests wishing to bring their own furniture are welcome to do so. All rooms enjoy varying aspects of the gardens. The majority of accommodation is single occupancy although there are a number of large rooms suitable for couples, friends or relatives wishing to share.

The Lodges and Apartments have been designed to meet the accommodation and living needs of those who, in retirement, would like the security of a care environment and do not wish to have the responsibility of maintaining their own house and gardens. The aim is to offer flexibility; a wide range of services are available including domestic, meals, care, medical and physiotherapy advice and alternative medical practitioners.