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Moving Check List

  • Four weeks to go: Top ten things to do -
    1. Inform people you normally deal with of your change of address and proposed date of moving. For example - bank, building society, insurance company, doctor.
    2. Book telephone installation if necessary
    3. Book Pickfords
    4. Arrange disconnection and final reading of gas, electricity, telephone elat
    5. Disconnect washing machine, remove any wanted items such as cabinets from bathroom
    6. Rundown contents of freezer and remove
    7. Inspect the loft and remove items
    8. Send out change of address cards
    9. Measure up new house for carpets, curtains etc and arrange for any workmen to view if possible before completion.
    10. Make sure you have some help
  • A week to go : Top ten things to do -
    1. Arrange with local post office to send on your mail
    2. Close local accounts with newsagents, stores, garage
    3. Cancel any normal deliveries
    4. Return library books
    5. Check nothing left at cleaners
    6. Start collecting personal items you wish to take with you
    7. Ask for boxes from local supermarket
    8. Think about defrosting fridge and freezer
    9. Buy food
    10. Think about keys