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Very Sheltered Housing

The purpose of Very Sheltered Housing is to enable retired people to retain their independence for the whole of their lives, if they wish and to avoid the need to move to a Nursing Home. The design of the buildings are such that even if an owner becomes confined to a wheelchair, they can still manage, as all the doors are wide and there are no steps to be climbed. Particular attention has been made to ensure lifts are suitable for retired people.

Services are much greater than is usually provided in sheltered housing. Instead of a single manager who is expected to be on duty at all times there is a team of Housekeepers who work shifts so that they do not become overburdoned and one of them is always present in case of emergencies.

In addition domestic assistance is provided to all owners in their private apartments and for the communal areas. Primarily this is intended to relieve daily tasks but in case of extended illness the amount of domestic assistance can be increased as necessary. There is also a dining room where meals are available at cost if required. While this is an additional facility for people who are well, but who do not wish to have to cook everyday, it is an essential service for people who are ill and for whom the problem of providing meals in the apartments would otherwise be insoluble.

Inevitably the cost of the service is greater than in some sheltered or retirement housing schemes but the costs are controlled particularly with regard to future increases and they are under the direct control of the owners. The fact that Very Sheltered Housing is successful in reducing demands on public services means that financial assistance may be available for anyone who cannot easily manage the service charge.