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Retirement Housing

Retirement Housing is usually a group of purpose built cottages or flats with estate management services offered generally with the assistance of a resident manager. The accommodation is designed for the particular age group so there tend to be fewer but larger bedrooms. Many people who are attracted to this sort of accommodation want a smaller more manageable home and would rather look at well kept gardens than having to be responsible for them.

A desire for greater security, coupled with the practicalities of living longer in the 21st century has meant people want to take an easier and more relaxed lifestyle in their later years. Walking to shops as opposed to having to get into a car can be a boon for many people. Hence schemes tend to be sited close to shops in attractive environments, where like minded people can live together knowing help is at hand should it be required.

In the past, nursing homes often provided an attractive environment for the elderly where they could enjoy their declining years with a good quality of life. After the war it would not have been uncommon for the average stay in a nursing home to be seven years or so. Today it can be seven weeks. Today, new purpose built retirement housing allows people to stay in their own homes and with care and assistance postpone the nursing home indefinitely.