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Close Care

Purpose built close care accommodation was pioneered by such companies as Anglia, Beaumont Healthcare, Dalecare and others more than twenty years ago. Essentially close care accommodation is where there is more than just a watching brief on the well being of an individual. It is usually to be found within the grounds of a nursing home where the facilities of the home are available to the occupants of the close care units and of course ultimately it is envisaged that the resident of the close care unit will eventually move into the nursing home.

Examples of companies with close care accommodation include Westminster Healthcare, Stepping Stones and BUPA although the latter call their units “assisted living”. On the whole, close care units do not have the same range of facilities and quite such an outward perspective on life as assisted living units. As with retirement housing and assisted living, what separates them from residential retirement homes is their physical self containment. Each bungalow, apartment or cottage has its own front door.