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Assisted Living

Assisted Living accommodation has been around in one form or another longer than purpose built retirement housing. In the past people have readily paid for assistance with day to day living principally cleaning and food, by taking suites of rooms and effectively having their own self contained accommodation as opposed to just bedrooms and bathrooms.

Rather like residential homes there are likely to be communal lounges and dining rooms and the full array of domestic help is available often with additional facilities such as club rooms or even swimming pools. The crucial difference is that you have your own front door to your apartment, cottage or suite of rooms as opposed to just a bedroom and bathroom with communal facilities.

Assisted Living accommodation is similar in many respects to retirement housing and sometimes the distinction can be blurred particularly when a retirement scheme might have additional facilities such as a swimming pool, restaurant and 24 hour emergency cover in the form of resident managers. Generally speaking, Assisted Living is where the management organisation undertakes to look after, not just the external elements in a scheme such as buildings insurance, gardening, cleaning, refuse removal, but also undertakes and arranges, if people so wish, their domestic duties such as cleaning the inside of an apartment or house and perhaps offering a “caring” service.

Today there are many companies offering Assisted Living packages for those in late adulthood who want this type of security and protection. One well known firm which offers a form of Assisted Living is Retirement Security Limited. They provide something rather unique in that while they offer communal lounges and dining rooms there is always someone on duty in the development, night and day, to look after you in an emergency and arrange additional assistance as required. Many assisted living units can be found within the grounds of a care or nursing home such as Westminster and BUPA, some of course in “retirement villages” which often have varying degrees of “shelter” on offer.

Chacombe Park in Oxfordshire has retirement property in a converted country house adjacent to a new nursing home where the facilities of the home are available. Audley Court has schemes in Yorkshire, Kent and Devon, the Malthouse, Historic House Retirement, Sunrise Assisted Living, Swimbridge, are all examples of new assisted living accommodation providers.