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Retirement Housing developments managed by Swansea Housing Association

Dartford Drive

Dartford Drive, Swansea, Swansea, SA5 8NX.
Image of David Davies House

David Davies House

David Davies House, Wyndham Street, Barry, Glamorgan, CF63 4EL. David Davies House is situated off Wyndham Road to the northwest of the town and...

Facilities: Facilities include an alarm service and non-resident management services, lift, laundry, guets facilities and...

Devon View

Devon View, Swansea, Glamorgan, SA2 8HU.

Kimberley Close

Kimberley Close, Swansea, Glamorgan, SA2 9DL.

Osborne Street

Osborne Street, Neath, Glamorgan, SA11 1NN.

Paradise View

Paradise View, Swansea, Glamorgan, SA1 6PU.